segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2018

5 features I put on my curriculum

Caio Uechi 721914

  • Problem-solver
    • I don’t like giving my problems to other people solve it. When I receive one situation, I will not be satisfied until it is fixed. I have worked in some companies when my position was to decide on every situation that would appear and show the final project to the owners.
  • Adaptable
    • I truly believe in the quote: “Change is the only constant”. We need to follow the market, technologies and what people think to don't be outdated and enjoy all the benefits of each technology.
  • Determination
    • I work hard and I try to do my best to achieve the goals. I know that sometimes we need to spend extra time to finally deliver the final product to the customer and I am 100% willing to do my best.
  • Competitive
    • One of the things that most motivate me is the competition. I want the best for my team and for my services. If we are not the number 1, we should ask ourselves: “What can we do to improve even more?”
  • Organized
    • I am an extremely methodical person, I have a passion to organize everything and improve our performance.